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Kart Racing

Karting, "the purest form of motor sports," as Ayrton Senna said, is the fastest growing form of motor sports globally, and is already hugely popular around the world. Karting covers all age groups, from children as young as five years, all the way to the more seasoned participants, even well into the retirement age.

The sport sees competitors of both genders and is truly something for the whole family to enjoy. While many might participate out of pure enjoyment, for others it is a serious stepping-stone towards a professional racing career.

Most current Formula-1 drivers have started racing with karts, and many still drive karts between seasons to keep their reflexes and skills honed. Because it is relatively affordable, it is a perfect venue for learning the basics about competition racing, vehicle setup, engine tuning, etc. All of this while having a whole lot of fun.

No other racing vehicle will allow you to get as much seat time with any given budget as a kart!

Daytona Raceway is dedicated in providing the best environment for Kart Owners/Racers/Bikers and mechanics.

From the very beginning we have introduced a set time schedule that will ensure that you will enjoy sufficient and well balanced practice sessions throughout the week, while maintaining the cost to the minimum possible.


Furthermore our spacious Garage/storage boxes equipped with all the necessities that any Kart owner requests, (air, water, electricity), are ready to welcome you and your Kart with the most attractive prices.

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