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​( Protrain UK )
The Daytona Raceway circuit has been designed by the leading kart circuit consultancy, from the UK, to meet the standards of a full international circuit that compares with anything in the world.
· The topography has been used to create gradient and variation in camber.
· The wide circuit contains many areas for overtaking giving excitement to drivers of any level.
· A whole range of changing radius corners gives constant variety when driving this demanding racetrack.
Whether you are attempting the exiting world of karting for the first time, or you are a seasoned expert, the Daytona Raceway circuit will be one of the best tracks you will have ever driven on!!
Daytona Raceway is an asphalt surface circuit measuring 1,200 meters in length in its championship configuration with fifteen demanding and technical corners. It has a width of 10 meters on the Start/Finish straight and 8 meters along the rest of the track. Corners are wider up to 11 meters for safety purposes and to make overtaking possible.
The track has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the Commission Internationale de Karting - FIA (CIK - FIA). Careful planning and strategic placement of intermediate connectors has created three excellent configurations ranging from 400 meters to 1,200 meters. This ability makes the circuit exiting for all forms of karts from pro-karts (available to rent) to 125 Gearbox karts racing in the national championship.
The Circuit can be considered very technical with a variety of open high-speed sections and great overtaking opportunities. The circuit will require commitment from drivers as each corner has been uniquely angled and cambered.
For the option of night racing the light flooding of the track was carefully designed from a group of electro-mechanical engineers. Specific driving lights and pillars have been chosen to flood the track with sufficient light and without the possibility of blinding the driver on any section of the track.
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