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How can I organize a group booking?

Simply get a group of drivers and call us, or use the Contact form on this website.


How long will it take?

Arrive and Drive / Practice sessions are 15 minutes. A Grand Prix race for 20 drivers can take about 2.5 hours to run. For larger numbers it takes even more.


Do you give a drivers briefing?

Yes – All drivers must listen attentively to our pre-race briefing. It is surprisingly easy and great fun provided you know the rules to drive your kart correctly.


Do you offer catering?

Yes, we have a cafeteria with soft drinks, crisps and chocolates, snacks etc. On request we will provide additional catering for private or birthday events. For additional catering please contact us.


What types of races are available?

For details of the race types and costs of each check our race packages.


Is there an age and height restriction for karting?

For most circuits, the minimum age is 8 years old on the Junior and 10 years for the cadet kart when doing an Arrive and Drive Session, but only 18 years and upwards can take part in a race event. The minimum height for a Junior Kart 1.35m and 1.55m for a Cadet Kart.

How do I pay?

Call us on to find out what is required.


Is there any discount on group bookings?

Discounts is usually available to groups of 30 or more.


What race format is available for young children?

Only 15 minute arrive and drive sessions are available.

Call us to check


If none of the above answers my questions, what can I do?

Contact us

How many people do we need for an event?

For an exclusive event (where the track is just for your group) you will need at least 6 drivers.

For an Open event (where you race against other groups of drivers) you can bring as many or as few drivers as you like.


Do I Need a Driving license for rental karting?



Do I Need a Driving license to race my own Race Kart?

Yes. The driver should present their race license at the reception before racing.


When can I practice with my own Race Kart?

Practice sessions are available daily on specified hours. (Refer to venue calendar)


Do We Have Insurance?

The venue has its own public liability cover for its customers only on Rental Karts.

Racers with private Race karts race with their own responsibility.


What Clothes Should We Wear?

Just casual wear with trainer style shoes with no loose ends. We supply the Helmet & Balaclava.


Can We Drop The Kids Off For An Hour Or So?

All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied at all times.


Do We Have To Pre Book an Arrive and Drive Session?

Not necessarily but we strongly advise to call for availability to guarantee a session.


Is Karting at Daytona Safe?

Karting by its very nature includes risks as all motorsports.

Our job is to minimize that risk effectively. We have the best in class Karts and a professional facility, and together with the best procedures and safety requirements, such as complying with the European standards, gives us confidence for the quality of our services.


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