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The Arrive & Drive format allows walk-in customers to simply show up and be placed into a 15 minute practice session on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 12 drivers per heat. It’s a simple 15 minute driving session where all the participants start together from the pit-lane (outside the track) with a rolling start and race against the clock, trying to achieve the best lap time.

Sessions with kids are always kept separate form adult sessions for safety purposes. Depending on the height of the child it is given the appropriate kart to drive. Prior to the session our experienced staff brief all drivers on the karts, circuit safety and driver behavior. Drivers are then positioned into the karts for a 15 minute driving session where all the participants start one by one from the pit-lane (outside the track) with a rolling start. 

Live race statistics / results are broadcasted live on the tracks tv screen and race history is stored on the drivers account in the Racefacer App.

Arrive and Drive Karting


Private Karting Events

If you are a group of friends that would like to set up your own event we have a range of options that will keep you satisfied. Group events are exclusive and during the event you and your friends have sole use of the circuit.

For a race event with more than 7 participants we would recommend the -SPRINT or the, GRAND PRIX format.

(Minimum 6, Maximum 24 drivers)
Daytona SPRINT Event (Two heats qualifying 6 laps each + Final 15 laps)
A SPRINT event is the smallest and quickest event and is excellent for a small group of people.

All the drivers participate at the same time competing with one another. The event starts with a 15 minute drivers briefing. During the briefing our race director explains to the drivers the event format, the circuit and emphasizes on safety. The briefing is followed by two qualifying heats of 6 laps each (Starting from the grid for every heat). Once the qualifying is completed the starting grid for the final session is set up based on each driver point collection from the two qualifying rounds. The final heat begins and the first driver to cross the finish line after 15 laps is the winner.



We'll give your colleagues and guests a day of excitement they'll never forget. The unique alternative to a typical corporate outing. The Corporate Racing Challenge is fast-becoming a popular destination for corporate group events. Our Corporate Programs will train and entertain! Showing appreciation, caring and providing pleasure are effective motivators to inspire people to high levels of performance and strengthen client relationships.
We focus on:

  • Excitement

  • Adventure

  • Fun

  • Team Building

  • Safety

The Corporate Racing Challenge is a powerful way to motivate and reward people important to your business. We treat your guests to an extraordinary driving experience in our racing karts. In the process they have great fun and learn advanced driving skills useful in everyday driving. It's an exhilarating adventure that will be appreciated and talked about for a long time. We handle up to 150 participants per day. All racing gear, and helmets, are provided on site.

For options & proposals please contact us.

Corporate Karting Events


Parties Karting Events
Parties Karting Events

Daytona Raceway is a fine destination for kids as we provide the excitement that comes with the unique experience of Go-Karting with the highest level on safety standards.
Daytona Raceway is the only outdoor Professional Karting Centre in Cyprus; making it a leader in corporate hospitality.

Kids birthday parties can be customized depending on the partners’ requirements were kids will arrive at Daytona to find a fascinating circuit stretching in front of them where they are given a safety briefing are lined up in the karts and ready to drive. It is an amazing sensation for the kids and the proud parents watching from the cafeteria and grand stand. Once the karting is over the kids can enjoy their meal at the cafeteria.

Kids birthday parties can be arranged  for both boys and girls from 8 to 16 years old.

The cost for your event is analyzed bellow:

Please contact us requesting further info on the  “Daytona Party Price List” and  “Daytona Buffet Menu Choice”.


-Single Engine Kart (Junior - 7+ height > 1.35m Cadet - Age 10+ height >1.55m)


  • Conference Area

  • Cafe/Restaurant

  • Free Wifi

  • Night Flood Lights

  • Free Parking

  • Location

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