Safety & Rules


No speeding in the pit area.
No alcohol consumption in the pit area.
No foul language or play.
No one is to interfere with the karts that are left unattended.
No naked flame is allowed in the pit area.
No vehicles are permitted in the pit area.
All flammable items must be very well stored and protected.
No playing of ball games,skateboards,motor bikes,scooters etc. are allowed in the pit area.


Drivers are to signal by lifting their hand when coming into the pit area.
Divers must use slipway when going out on the track, check for oncoming traffic and stay within the yellow line.
Drivers must keep to the right of the yellow line when another kart is entering the track.



Full coverage crash helmet with a face shield is mandatory.
Gloves,Rib Protector,Neck Support (advisable)
Refusal of any kart owner,driver or pit man to abide by the set rules of Daytona Raceway and the appropriate conduct for kart racing will be grounds for the management and/or technical committee to refuse to let such persons and/or kart drivers take part in the race program.
The penalties are at the discretion of the management.
The management reserves the right to change the race program or rules at any time to maintain the improvement of safety in racing.




Chequered Flag

End of race or practice.

Yellow Flag

Stationary: Danger, slow down ensuring full control of kart is kept. No overtaking

Waved: Great Danger, slow down considerably. Be prepared to suddenly deviate from racing line or take evasive action or stop. No overtaking.

White Flag

A service or slow moving vehicle is on the circuit. When waved it indicates sector of track vehicle is in, when stationary indicates vehicle in next sector.

Black Flag

Displayed with a white number. The driver must return to pits within one lap of receiving the signal and report to the Clerk of the Course. A penalty of exclusion may be enforced by display of black flag.

Green Flag

All clear at end of danger area controlled by yellow flags. Also used to signal start of and throughout formation lap and at all mashal posts during first lap of each practice session.

Blue Flag

Stationary: Another competitor is following close behind.

Waved: Another competitor is trying to overtake.

Red Flag

Immeadiately cease driving at racing speed, proceed slowly without overtaking and with maximum caution to pits or start line, obeying marshal's instructions and being prepared to stop if the track is blocked.

Diagonal Black & White

Displayed with a white number. Warning to driver that their behaviour is suspect and that they may be black flagged on further reports.

Black & Orange

Displayed with a white number. Notifying driver of apparent mechanical failure or fire which may not be obvious to driver. The kart must return to pits on next lap for repairs.

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