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Having belief in your own ideas and tenaciously pursuing your ambitions: This is the philosophy which has taken Vortex to such great successes. From its inauguration, Vortex has delivered the performance required in order to compete at the highest level and taste the success which comes hand in hand with victory. Since then the brand has grown, and now offers a premium range of karts racing engines.Daytona Raceway investing to the future of Karting is currently the Official Distributor of Vortex Engines.




ROK 125 //


Rok is a 125cc single-cylinder 2 stroke engine by Vortex and it has three prized qualities for the present karting world which are: Easiness of use, high performance and relative low maintenance costs.

After a multi-year experience in the karting world, Vortex have created an engine which is easy to use and also exciting to drive.

Thanks to the centrifugal dry clutch, with the Rok 125cc it is possible to stop with keep the engine on.
On pushing the green button the engine starts without faltering and without the need for any other help.

Rok has been created by paying great attention to every single detail; this is the most important quality characterizing all Vortex productions.

The balancer shaft reduces the negative vibrations and the rpm limiting device maintains the engine at 14.000 rpm; in this way it is possible to keep prices low and extend the life of the engine.
The reed admission, the ø 30mm Dell’Orto carburettor and the water cooled by an integrated water pump inside the carter complete a refined and well calibrated technical package, guaranteeing a fantastic driving sensation which satisfies the driver and making him self-confident.


For 14+ Years Old //

In this category drivers begin to learn the first secrets of the competition, they have at their disposal a 29Hp engine, which is provided with a ø 30mm Dell’Orto carburetor and a minimum weight of 160 kg (driver+kart set-up to race). The tyres, slick, are VEGA and the chassis brand is open, however it has to be CIK-FIA homologated. The Rok engine is electronically limited at 14.000 rpm and the variable ignition enables this engine to be used in all types of situations, in fact it is always ready to start as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator. Using a Rok engine is really exciting and its great performances make it suitable both for experienced and first entry drivers.

- Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with reed valve admission in the crankcase
- Displacement 125cc
- 29Hp at 11.500 rpm
- Max torque 19.6 NM at 10.000 rpm
- Max rpm 14.000 rpm (electronically rev. limited)
- Fuel pump and Dell’Orto carburetor VHSH ø 30mm
- Mixture-lubricated
- Liquid-cooled with integrated water pump
- Balancer shaft
- Digital ignition
- PVL electric starter
- Centrifugal dry clutch
- Bore-Stroke 54 x 54 mm
- Exhaust with aluminum intake silencer

ROK Junior //

For 11 to 15 years old.


The technical basis is the same as in the Rok engine, the Junior Rok has been appropriately reduced in power thanks to a small modification used on the exhaust system.

In this way it is possible to pass from the 29Hp of the Rok engine to the 19Hp of the Junior Rok, in fact just by changing the exhaust it is possible to transform the Junior Rok into a Rok and vice versa. Just one engine, two exhausts and that’s it!

The Junior Rok is provided with a ø 30mm Dell’Orto carburetor, the minimum weight is set at 145kg, the tyres are VEGA and the chassis is open (it must be CIK homologated).
This is the training category for drivers who, later, want to compete in the faster Rok, Shifter and in all the other international categories.

By changing the exhaust manifold, the Rok engine decreases in power from 29Hp to 19Hp. That’s the Junior Rok engine!



Mini ROK //

For 8 to 12 years old.


The Mini Rok is the best category in order to enter the karting world.

The Mini engine has 8HP with ø 18mm Dell’Orto carburetor and a minimum weight of 150 Kg, characteristics which make this engine easy to manage by young drivers at their first experiences. The tyres are purposely provided by VEGA and, as in all the other categories, the choice of chassis is open.

​The Mini Rok is a 60cc which was born just to make the approach of young drivers on the track easier and it has clear regulations, detailed in every single part and easy to understand. The young drivers take part in exciting races, characterized by fun and sportsmanship; in this way they can appreciate the best aspects of karting.

- Engine displacement 60cc
- 8 Hp
- Free air cooling
- Intake piston port
- 2 transfers inlet
- Exhaust without rib
- Coated Piston
- Piston ring AL
- Selettra analogic ignition
- Centrifugal dry clutch
- Electric starter on board
- ø 18mm Dell’Orto carburetor PHBG18BS

Sporting Regulations KZ2

Sporting Regulations ROK

Supplementary Regulations

Technical Regulations ROK-MINI


ROK Shifter //


By the arrival of the new Rok Shifter, the Rok engine family is enriching. The new gear box engine completes the extraordinary Rok engine range.
Rok Shifter comes to the light to accomplish the needs of those several drivers who wish to compete in a category with the gear box, in a well-known and very well managed championship such as the Rok Cup, facing affordable expenses and steady regulations in the time. Rok Shifter engine comes from the long standing and winning Vortex experience in the field with the two-stroke-kart engines and just after the many times winning RVXX 125 engine.
Rok Shifter has been conceived and realized with the aim of starting a dedicated championship, the Rok Cup Shifter, where all drivers will compete by means of this precious jewel made in Vortex, mounted on chassis of different brands. With a displacement of 43 HP, the Rok Shifter is the best engine offering good performances and operating costs.


​-Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with six-speed gearbox

-Displacement 125 cc
-Cast iron liner
-43 Hp at 13900 rpm
-PVL analog ignition
-External pump liquid cooled system
-Dell’Orto carburetTor 30mm diameter
-Intake reed valve in the crankcase
-Number of transfer ducts: 5/3
-Bore-stroke 54 x 54,5 m
-Front clutch gear shift
-Dry clutch
-Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
-C4 radial-bearings
-ONE-PIECE Rok exhaust





RVZ 125 is the latest engine manufactured by VORTEX, and is CIKFIA homologated and assigned to the KZ1 and KZ2 classes. The new engine has in common with its successful forerunner, RVXX 125, the single-cylinder architecture with water cooling through an external pump and power delivery via six-speed gearbox. The RVZ  engines offers a completely new intake with different carburetor mounting angle, which improves the mixture into the lower-end of the engine. Also changed with the RVX 'X' is the shape of the exhaust ports - this is also a noticeable improvement on the engines performance.

Through these changes that Vortex has achieved maximum power output. Close attention has been dedicated to every single detail as usual and the evolution that is the 'Z' will allow for Vortex drivers to gain the extra time required to beat the competition.



-Single cylinder 2-stroke engine with six-speed gearbox
-Displacement: 124,84 cc
-Nicasil cylinder
-PVL Analog Ignition
-Mixture lubricated (with Petronas Rok Lube)
-External pump liquid-cooled system
-Dell’Orto VHSH carburettor Ø30mm diameter
-Intake reed valve in the crankcase
-Number of transfer ducts: 5/3
-Bore-stroke 54 x 54,45 mm
-Front clutch gear shift
-Dry clutch
-Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
-C4 radial-bearings
-Ring with special coating
-New-generation homologated exhaust
- Machined conrod 115mm
- New-generation Asso piston with special coating






XH is the new Vega tire of CIK-FIA homologated hard compound and is the chosen tyre by all racers.

XH was designed to challenge national and international competitions, were homologated hard tires are required.

It represents highest quality construction, single lap speed performances and for consistency. The carcass and the compounds form a perfect duo, joined in order to assure the best possible level of grip, for the kilometric distances of a CIK “hard” tire.

Tyres maybe purchased on the spot at the track.








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