Pancyprian Karting Championship Daytona 2015 by Mini

We have created a great Championship based on the Rok engine, the Rok Cup, in which the fixed element is the Rok engine, whereas the chassis to be used is not compulsory.

Due to Vortex’s wish, the regulations of the Rok Cup have always been the same year after year. From the first year of its debut until today the regulations have always been the same, easy and restrictive. Thanks to the constancy of the regulations drivers don’t have to change the material every year, they can use the same engine season after season, always remaining at a high level.
Moreover, another big advantage is that the used engines always have a great market value, lasting over the years.
The reliability of a great manufacturer, Vortex, and of a project, Rok, allowed us to further develop the Rok Cup by gaining recognition as a “FIA Authorised Series”. This is the quality brand that the CIK-FIA assigns to the international categories having high quality technical and organizational standards.
All the advantages listed above together with the exceptional reliability of this championship, the extremely severe tests and checks at the track and the simplicity of management have made the Rok one of the most appreciated engines all over the world.
Thanks to the Rok, hundreds of drivers have been able to satisfy their first experiences in the world of karting followed by the possibility of entering the magic world of competitions, with the Rok Cup.


ROK CUP International Final


What is the Rok international Final?

It is the CiK-FiA event closing the Rok season every year. The 280 best Rokkers coming from all over the world take part in this race and in the end we discover who the absolute champion in each category is: Rok, Super Rok, Junior Rok and Mini Rok.
From 2003, the year of its establishment, until today the Rok Cup has won the trust of many fans in more than 30 countries all over the world. The Rok has arrived like a firework, with its sparks it has lit up the stage in italy at first, then in Europe, after that it crossed the oceans and has arrived in South Africa, Asia and America. All the national champions, in every category, win the possibility to race in the Rok international Final.
An Unforgettable Prize!

Karting, "the purest form of motor sports," as Ayrton Senna said, is the fastest growing form of motor sports globally, and is already hugely popular around the world. Karting covers all age groups, from children as young as five years, all the way to the more seasoned participants, even well into the retirement age.

The sport sees competitors of both genders and is truly something for the whole family to enjoy. While many might participate out of pure enjoyment, for others it is a serious stepping-stone towards a professional racing career.

Most current Formula-1 drivers have started racing with karts, and many still drive karts between seasons to keep their reflexes and skills honed. Because it is relatively affordable, it is a perfect venue for learning the basics about competition racing, vehicle setup, engine tuning, etc. All of this while having a whole lot of fun.

No other racing vehicle will allow you to get as much seat time with any given budget as a kart!


Pancyprian Karting Championship 2017 


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